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Studies in the Linguistic Prehistory of the Boeotian Dialect

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Scarborough, MJC 


This article offers a brief synopsis and partial summary of my Ph.D. Dissertation The Aeolic Dialects of Ancient Greek: A Study in Historical Dialectology and Linguistic Classification (Cambridge, 2016). This will consist of situating the contribution of the study in its scholarly context (summarising the first chapter of the dissertation), followed by a more concise synopsis of the linguistic features analysed by the dissertation and its evaluation methodology. The main dissertation synopsis is then followed by a concise survey of the dissertation’s principal results for Boeotian dialect research, aside from the dissertation’s general conclusions that an Aeolic subgrouping is likely, and that Boeotian appears to share a closer affinity with Thessalian than it shares with Lesbian, and that from the cumulative evidence a Thessalian-Boeotian subgrouping within Aeolic appears to be more likely than a Thessalian-Lesbian one.



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Fabienne Marchand

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Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Award No. 752-2011-1532)