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Producing alternating gait on uncoupled feline hindlimbs: Muscular unloading rule on a biomimetic robot

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Rosendo, A 
Nakatsu, S 
Narioka, K 
Hosoda, K 


Studies on decerebrate walking cats have shown that phase transition is strongly related to muscular sensory signals at limbs. To further investigate the role of such signals terminating the stance phase, we developed a biomimetic feline platform. Adopting link lengths and moment arms from an Acinonyx jubatus, we built a pair of hindlimbs connected to a hindquarter and attached it to a sliding strut, simulating solid forelimbs. Artificial pneumatic muscles simulate biological muscles through a control method based on EMG signals from walking cats (Felis catus). Using the bio-inspired muscular unloading rule, where a decreasing ground reaction force triggers phase transition, stable walking on a treadmill was achieved. Finally, an alternating gait is possible using the unloading rule, withstanding disturbances and systematic muscular changes, not only contributing to our understanding on how cats may walk, but also helping develop better legged robots.



cat locomotion, musculoskeletal, unloading rule, EMG signals, bio-inspired, biomimetic

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Advanced Robotics

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The authors acknouledge the Japanese Research Grant KAKENHI Kiban 23220004 and 25540117.