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Khongor Dzhavinov, Autobiography

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Khongor talks about himself, his life and family. Khongor is from Bolshederbetovskiy ulus. He was born in a khoton (yurt camp) called Gakhan Avgnr in 1928. The protector of his clan is the goddess Tara with a White Umbrella. When the Bolsheviks came to power, his father moved to another place because he was a well-off person. Later his wealth was confiscated. Khongor’s father’s two brothers were Buddhist monks. When Khongor’s mother died, Khongor learnt how to do household chores himself. During exile, in Siberia he worked as a cobbler. There he got married to his wife with whom he lived for 65 years. In 1956 after he finished seven classes, Khongor was appointed secretary of the Komsomol. In his village he organized public events. When Kalmyks were allowed to return to Kalmykia, Khongor was again appointed secretary of the local Komsomol. He worked in a construction brigade in the collective farm named after Karl Marx. Khongor has 3 sons.




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