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The Ganjuur Touring Ceremony



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Bulag, Uradyn E. 
Burunsain, Borjigin 


The Ganjuur touring ceremony is a religious event amongst Torghuts in Ejine held once a year in the Bayanbogd mountains. Hasbagana, who is the ritual administrator of the ceremony, says that the Ganjuur tour involves carrying 108 Buddhist sutras from the Dashchoilin monastery all over the Ejine banner once a year for beckoning adequate rainfall, increase of livestock and good health. Locals often join the tour to share its auspiciousness. Before 1949, Ejine Torghtus loaded the Ganjuur sutras on camels and it took months to complete the tour, but today, Torghut lamas tour around by cars and the whole process takes about ten days.In the Ejine banner centre, one can see young people occasionally walking around the Dashchoilin monastery with Ganjuur sutras on their back. The five young people interviewed in the video went around the monastery for good jobs, good health and successful marriages.



Ganjuur tour, Bayanbogd mountains, ceremony, Torghut lamas

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