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Spatial Difference in Labor Productivity between Beijing and the Wider South East Region of England

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Bai, X 
Pan, L 
Jin, Y 


In this study, we analyze the differences in labor productivity between the Wider South East region of England (WSE) (including London, the east, and the south east of England) and Beijing in an attempt to establish the reasons for the difference based on the deformation of the Cobb–Douglas production function proposed by Brandt et al. and the shift–share method. We use data from multiple sources, including remote sensing data, to reproduce smaller-scale spatial data of urban boundaries, urban land structures, and urban traffic structures. We found that there is not only a gap in productivity between Beijing and the WSE but also a more significant regional gap in productivity among Beijing’s districts. From the perspective of the role of production factors, Beijing’s productivity improvement over the past ten years has mainly depended on the total factor productivity and capital. To ensure the sustained growth of Beijing’s productivity, we should pay attention to the geographical differences in labor productivity and the improvement of labor productivity throughout the entire urban area. Moreover, we should focus on the production factors that can accelerate the growth of labor productivity.



3401 Analytical Chemistry, 32 Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, 3202 Clinical Sciences, 34 Chemical Sciences

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Sensors and Materials

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