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Data for "A One-Pot Route to Faceted FePt-Fe3O4 Dumbbells: Probing Morphology-Catalytic Activity Effects in O2 Reduction Catalysis"

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Jenkinson, Kellie 
Kornienko, Nikolay 


The design and synthesis of faceted nanoparticles with a controlled composition is of enormous importance to modern catalyst engineering. Faceted FePt-Fe3O4 dumbbell nanoparticles have been prepared by a simple, one-pot technique that avoids the need for expensive additives or preformed seeds. The faceted product consists of an FePt octopod and a cubic Fe3O4 lobe, of mean diameter 13.6 and 14.9 nm, respectively. The mass normalized activity for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction shows that this new structure-type outperforms related catalysts in alkaline media. This work illustrates the power of morphology control and tailoring crystal facet abundance at the nanoparticle surface for enhancing catalytic performance.


Software / Usage instructions

Electron microscopic data readable using Image J or similar. EDX analysis viewable using Velox and MS Word. All micrscopy images viewable with generic software (e.g. Image J). Electrocatalytic data readable using Autolab.NOVA. X-ray data requires Highscore and MS Excel. The index outlining software requirements can be opened with Wordpad.


electrocatalyst, faceted nanoparticle, heterodimer, octopod, oxygen reduction