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Interamna Lirenas: how special?


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Many ancient towns have enjoyed a long life, often reaching well beyond Antiquity. When this has happened, it has been primarily on account of the continued relevance they enjoyed as the world around them changed. Many, however, failed to keep up with such transformations and were eventually abandoned, never to be occupied again. While the memory of their former existence began to fade, some of them acquired a new purpose as vast sources of building materials ready to be extracted and (re)used elsewhere: the more accessible the site, the more systematic, thorough, and prolonged these ‘extractive activities’ turned out to be. Once this had ceased, debris were spread over to level the ground and many of these sites were eventually reclaimed for agriculture (‘greenfield sites’). The site of an ancient town is often given away by the enduring presence of some notable ruins, usually associated with those monumental features which are indicative of its original status.



Interamna Lirenas: how special?


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Roman Urbanism in Italy: Recent Discoveries and New Directions

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