Erecting an Oboo

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Bulag, Uradyn E. 

This video shows Wang Yanhong, the Dashdawa Mongol activist, building an oboo with his relatives at the spot of the former Mongol Camp in Chengde. A couple of years ago, the Mongol Camp was demolished in a campaign called ‘Big Change in Three Years’ (三年大变样). In August 2015, Wang convened a conference in Chengde marking the 256th anniversary of the easterly migration of the Dashdawa Mongols (承德市达什达瓦蒙古东迁256年研讨会) which was attended by scholars from Xinjiang, Beijing and other places. Using this occasion, Wang and his relatives put up a temporary oboo as shown in the video. He says that he modelled it after oboos he saw in Zhaosu county in Ili, their ancestral homeland. After completing the construction, Wang Yanhong taught his family members customs of oboo worship, such as burning incense, circumambulating the oboo clockwise three times, and adding stones to the oboo.

Dashdawa Mongol, Mongol Camp, oboo, ‘Big Change in Three Years’, the 256th anniversary, Ili
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