New readings of the multilingual Petelia curse tablet

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McDonald, K 
Tagliapietra, L 
Zair, N 

Petelia 2 is a curse text written on a leaf-shaped lead tablet, 0.028m high and 0.184m wide.1 It was found on the surface at loc. Cassana, north of modern Strongoli, by Luigi Mazza. The inscription was first published by Lazzarini (2004), with a small amount of further discussion in Lazzarini (2009);2 it was subsequently re-edited by Crawford (2011: 1475-77) without autopsy. Lazzarini dates the tablet to the fourth or early third century BC (Lazzarini 2004: 674), while Crawford dates it to c.300 BC (Crawford 2011: 1475). The tablet is now in the depositi of the Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Crotone (inventory no. 4016/M), where the members of the ‘Greek in Italy’ project examined it on the 16th September 2014.3 As a result of our autopsy we propose a different reading in column 4 and several possible reinterpretations of this section of the text.

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Zeitschrift fur Papyrologie und Epigraphik
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