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A route to fabricate low resistance joints between Eu-Ba-Cu-O bulk, single grain superconductors

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jats:titleAbstract</jats:title> jats:pThe fabrication of large (RE)-Ba-Cu-O single grains [(RE)BCO], where RE = Y, Gd, Eu or Sm, with the complex geometries required for many practical applications is currently limited by the time intensive, complex nature of the grain growth. In addition, the shapes achievable using established melt processing techniques, such as top seeded melt growth (TSMG), are constrained significantly by the limited number of post-processing techniques available. Machining of these materials is also difficult given their ceramic-like mechanical properties, whichalternative to the slow and inflexible melt makes themgrowth processes is both brittle and hard. A potentialto join many small, single grains to form one large composite grain, connected by electrically and mechanically high-performance joints. A reliable joining technique would also greatly reduce the need for post-growth machining processes. In this work we extend our previous investigation of the use of single grain YBCO-Ag as an intermediate joining material to achieve effective and reliable superconducting joints between EuBCO-Ag bulk, single grain superconductors. The technique reported in the earlier study requires limited specialist equipment and does not require tight process parameter control, since there is no need to re-grow the joining material at the intergrain interface. This technique is of particular interest given that the difference between the peritectic temperatures of the bulk superconductor and the intermediate joining material is large. We report the properties of seven joints engineered at different joining temperatures. The trapped field properties of the resulting joined samples were measured and the microstructure at the position of the joint examined. We demonstrate that this simple and the rapid joining technique makes it possible to manufacture composite grains in an industrially important (RE)BCO bulk superconductor with comparable superconducting properties to those of a single grain of similar dimensions.&#xD;</jats:p>



40 Engineering, 4016 Materials Engineering

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Superconductor Science and Technology

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