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The Berrettini palmar neural communicating branch: a study of 27 cadaveric specimens and determination of a high-risk surgical zone.

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Ahmed, Shahzaib 
Jarvis, Gavin E 
Brassett, Cecilia 
Grant, Ian 


In this cadaveric study, we analysed digital images of dissected palms to define the location and length of superficial connections between the median and the ulnar nerves (Berrettini communicating branches). We found the connections present in 12 of 27 hands. We used a coordinate model to define their location relative to seven specified landmarks. The model revealed that the Berrettini communicating branches were positioned consistently, and we defined a high-risk zone in the palm that fully contained seven of the 12 connections, while others had minor projections outside the zone. We conclude that awareness of this high-risk zone in the palm can be of some help to reduce the risk of iatrogenic nerve injury, however, any operation in the palm must always be done with great care to visualize and protect any possible anatomically unusual structures.



Anatomical study, Berrettini anastomosis, median nerve, ulnar nerve, Cadaver, Hand, Humans, Median Nerve, Ulnar Nerve

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J Hand Surg Eur Vol

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