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Research data supporting 'Riparian buffers made of mature oil palms have inconsistent impacts on oil palm ecosystems'

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Pashkevich Jr., Michael 
Luke, Sarah Helen 
Aryawan, Anak Agung Ketut 
Waters, Helen Sophie 
Caliman, Jean-Pierre 


These are data associated with the publication, "Riparian buffers made of mature oil palms have inconsistent impacts on oil palm ecosystems". Data were collected from industrial oil palm plantations in Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia, in collaboration with Sinar Mas Agro Resources Technology and Research Institute (SMARTRI). The data were collected across a chronosequence of oil palm, in areas that were within, near, and far from riparian buffers made of mature oil palms. Specifically, we include data on environmental conditions (Vegetation height, canopy openness, variation in canopy openness, vegetation composition, soil temperature), arthropod biodiversity (total arthropod abundance and order-level composition in the canopy, understory, and ground microhabitats), and spider biodiversity (spider abundance, species richness, and species-level composition in the canopy, understory, and ground microhabitats).


Software / Usage instructions

We tidied and analysed these data using R version 3.5.1 and R Studio version 1.1.456


Arthropod, Spider, Biodiversity, Chronosequence, Heterogeneity, Oil palm, Riparian buffer, Tropical agriculture


Michael Pashkevich was funded by Gates Cambridge Trust, Cambridge Global Food Security, Tim Whitmore Fund, and Jesus College Cambridge. Long-standing partnerships between University of Cambridge and SMARTRI are partly funded by the Isaac Newton Trust Cambridge, the Natural Environment Research Council (grant number NE/P00458X/1) and Golden Agri Resources. RISTEK granted permission for Michael Pashkevich to conduct research in Indonesia (MDP: permit numbers 1068/FRP/E5/Dit.KI/II/2018; 7/EXT/FRP/E.5/Dit.KI/1/2019; 7/EXT/FRP/E.5/Dit.KI/I/2020), and KSDA allowed collection of samples (MDP: collection permit #SK. 377/KSDAE/SET/KSA.2/9/2019). Also, RISTEK granted permission for Sarah Luke and Edgar Turner to conduct research in Indonesia that established the wider Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Tropical Agriculture (BEFTA) Programme, which developed some of the protocols used in this study (Luke: permit numbers 354/SIP/FRP/E5/Dit.KI/X/2016, 66/EXT/SIP/FRP/E5/Dit.KI/IX/2017, 45/EXT/SIP/FRP/E5/Dit.KI/X/2018; 431/E5/E5.4/SIP/2019; Turner: permit numbers 426/SIP/FRP/SM/XI/2012, 72/EXT/SIP/FRP/SM/IX/2013, 44/EXT/SIP/FRP/SM/IX/2014).