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Chaos in models of double convection



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Rucklidge, Alastair Michael 


This dissertation concentrates on the derivation and analysis of low-order sets of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) that accurately describe the behaviour of a fluid in convective motion. A second-order set of ODEs is presented and analysed, and then related to a particular double convection problem (compressible convection in a vertical magnetic field); the low-order model proves to be useful in interpreting the behaviour of the full system. Equations describing several types of double convection (convection in a magnetic field, convection in a rotating layer of fluid and convection in a solute gradient) are reduced to low-order sets of ODEs that are asymptotically exact descriptions of the partial differential equations (PDEs) from which they were derived. The ODE model for incompressible convection in a vertical magnetic field is analysed in detail, and a rich variety of periodic orbits and chaotic behaviour is found. A numerical study of the full set of PDEs for this case confirms that the low-order model provides an asymptotically correct description of the full problem; in particular, the PDEs have the chaotic solutions predicted by the low-order model.





Weiss, Nigel


Double convection


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Awarding Institution

University of Cambridge