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Corrosion behaviors of selective laser melted aluminum alloys: A review

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Chen, H 
Zhang, C 
Jia, D 
Wellmann, D 


jats:pSelective laser melting (SLM) is an ideal method to directly fabricate products with high geometrical complexity. With low density and good corrosion resistance, aluminum alloys are widely used as important structural materials. Microstructures and mechanical properties of SLMed aluminum alloys have been recently widely studied. Corrosion behavior as a vital concern during the service of SLMed aluminum alloy parts has also drawn many attentions. Previous studies have found that SLM-processed aluminum alloys exhibit better corrosion resistance compared to the casted and wrought counterparts for both Al-Si alloys and high strength 2xxx Al alloys, which is mainly due to the unique microstructure features of SLMed Al alloys. For Al-Si alloys, with different shapes of Si networks, the different building planes show discrepant corrosion behaviors. Owing to the rougher surface with relatively larger numbers of defects, the as-printed surface is vulnerable to corrosion than the polished. Heat treatment has a negative effect on corrosion resistance due to the breakup of Si networks. The microstructure features correlated with the corrosion behaviors were also reviewed in this paper. Some suggestions on the future study of corrosion behaviors of SLMed Al alloys were put forward.</jats:p>



4014 Manufacturing Engineering, 40 Engineering

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (51605287)
Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai (16ZR1417100)