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Research data in support of: Membrane activity of a DNA-based ion channel depends on the stability of its double-stranded structure.

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Joshi, Himanshu 
Sandler, Sarah E 
Aksimentiev, Aleksei 


The folders named: 8nm-0x, 8nm-2x, 4nm-2x and Control: current measurements, performed under the voltage of 50V, with a frame rate of 5 kHz, upon addition of 10nM of DNA structures: 8nm-2x, 8nm-0x, 4nm-2x, all labelled with two cholesterol molecules which enable their membrane insertion. As well as analogous data for the single-cholesterol control measurements. Files in an .abf format, obtained using pClamp suie. Additionlly, numerical values for traces collected during FRAP measurements, used to plot Supplementary Figure SD2.2. The dataset also includes the unprocessed PAGE gel from Supplementary Figure D1.1. as well as data collected during melting experiments (absorbance at 260nm vs temperature), presented in Supplementary Figure D1.2.


Software / Usage instructions

pCLAMP suite, Inkscape, imageJ. Python package for reading electrophysiology data from Axon Binary Format (ABF) files can be found here:


DNA structures, lipid membranes, nicks, synthetic ion channel, protein-mimicking, pore-forming


European Research Council (647144)
EPSRC (1948702)