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Continuous Time-Domain Cerebrovascular Reactivity Metrics and Discriminate Capacity for the Upper and Lower Limits of Autoregulation: A Scoping Review of the Animal Literature.

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Sainbhi, Amanjyot Singh 
Froese, Logan 
Gomez, Alwyn 
Batson, Carleen 
Stein, Kevin Y 


Over a wide range of systemic arterial pressures, cerebral blood flow (CBF) is regulated fairly constantly by the cerebral vessels in a process termed cerebral autoregulation (CA), which is depicted by the Lassen autoregulatory curve. After traumatic brain injury (TBI), CA can get impaired and these impairments manifest in changes of the Lassen autoregulatory curve. Continuous surrogate metrics of pressure-based CA, termed cerebrovascular reactivity (CVR) metrics, evaluate the relationship between slow vasogenic fluctuations in a driving pressure for cerebral blood flow, and the most commonly studied and utilized measures are based in the time domain and have been increasingly applied in bedside TBI care and have sparked the investigation of individualized cerebral perfusion pressure targets. However, not all CVR metrics have been validated as true measures of autoregulation in the pre-clinical setting. We reviewed all available pre-clinical animal literature that assessed the association between continuous time-domain metrics of CVR and some aspect of the Lassen autoregulatory curve. All 15 articles found associated the evaluated continuous metrics to the lower limit of autoregulation curve whereas none looked at the upper limit. Most of the evaluated metrics showed the ability to discriminate the lower limit of autoregulation with various methods of perturbation. Further work is required to evaluate the utility of such surrogate measures against the upper limit of autoregulation, while also providing validation to the existing literature supporting specific indices and their ability to discriminate the lower limit.



Lassen autoregulatory curve, cerebrovascular autoregulation, cerebrovascular reactivity metrics, lower limit of autoregulation, time-domain metrics

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Neurotrauma Rep

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