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Yefrosinya Nimgirova, autobiography

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Yefrosinya says that she was born in the village of Kumskoi on 25 December 1932. Her father, Namysov Chimid Chudutovich, was born in 1908. Her mother, Namysova Shisha Saranovna, was born in 1910. Yevrosinya had a younger brother who died of measles. Chimid Namysov studied in Leningrad when in 1941 he joined the Red Army. He died on 1 November 1943 at the train station of Elizarovo in Dnipropetrovsk rayon and was buried in a mass grave. Yefrosinya and her mother were sent into exile on 28 December 1943, along with other Kalmyks, on carriages for cattle. On 13 January 1943 their train arrived in Omsk in Siberia from where her family was transported on horse pulled carts to a village called Azov which was 40 kilometers away. Bread was rationed, and people woke up at 4 AM to stand in bread queues. In April 1944 they were sent to Tyumenskiy oblast where Yevrosinya went to school. In 1952 she finished the 7th grade, after which she went to work at a factory and later at a tree logging site. She worked in various places as an accountant and scaler. On 16 June 1956 she got married. She gave birth to several children some of whom did not survive their childhood.




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