Konstantin Naktanov, Why Kalmyks do not Eat Horse or Goat Meat

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Konstantin talks about why the Kalmyks do not eat horse or goat meat. He recounts a story from his youth when he was working as a driver. One day, he and his friends butchered a horse that had its legs broken. When Konstantin brought a piece of horse’s meat home, his grandmother did not let him into the house. Since the horse is considered a nomad’s first and foremost assistant, Kalmyks do not eat its meat out of respect. The Kalmyks do not eat goat meat either because it is believed to be an animal that belongs to malevolent spirits. There is a legend. Once upon a time god created man and all other living beings. Nearby was sitting a malevolent spirit who also asked for an animal for himself. That animal was the goat.

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