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Momentum-dependent power law measured in an interacting quantum wire beyond the Luttinger limit

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Jin, Y. 
Tsyplyatyev, O. 
Moreno, M. 
Anthore, A. 
Tan, W. K. 


Abstract: Power laws in physics have until now always been associated with a scale invariance originating from the absence of a length scale. Recently, an emergent invariance even in the presence of a length scale has been predicted by the newly-developed nonlinear-Luttinger-liquid theory for a one-dimensional (1D) quantum fluid at finite energy and momentum, at which the particle’s wavelength provides the length scale. We present experimental evidence for this new type of power law in the spectral function of interacting electrons in a quantum wire using a transport-spectroscopy technique. The observed momentum dependence of the power law in the high-energy region matches the theoretical predictions, supporting not only the 1D theory of interacting particles beyond the linear regime but also the existence of a new type of universality that emerges at finite energy and momentum.



Article, /639/766/119/999, /639/766/119/1000/1016, /120, /142/126, article

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Nature Communications

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