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Dynamics of measles immunity from birth and following vaccination.

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Wang, Qianli 
Zhao, Sihong 


Measles remains a major threat to human health despite widespread vaccination. While we know that maternal antibodies can impair vaccine-induced immunity, the relative contributions of pre-existing immunity levels, maternal and infant characteristics on vaccine responses remain unclear, hampering evidence-based vaccination policy development. Here we combine serological data from 1,505 individuals (aged 0-12 years) in a mother-infant cohort and in a child cohort with empirical models to reconstruct antibody trajectories from birth. We show that while highly heterogeneous across a population, measles antibody evolution is strongly predictive from birth at the individual level, including following vaccination. Further, we find that caesarean section births were linked with 2.56 (95% confidence interval: 1.06-6.37) increased odds of primary vaccine failure, highlighting the long-term immunological consequences of birth route. Finally, we use our new understanding of antibody evolution to critically assess the population-level consequences of different vaccination schedules, the results of which will allow country-level evaluations of vaccine policy.



3107 Microbiology, 31 Biological Sciences, Immunization, Rare Diseases, Clinical Research, Prevention, Infectious Diseases, Biotechnology, Vaccine Related, Biodefense, Pediatric, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 3.4 Vaccines, 3 Prevention of disease and conditions, and promotion of well-being, Generic health relevance, 3 Good Health and Well Being

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Nat Microbiol

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