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Research data supporting "Experimental Measurement of the Size of Gaps Required to Compromise Fit of an N95 Respirator"

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Arora, Anmol 
Pirog, Sophia 
Clarkson, P 


The effectiveness of N95 masks is heavily dependent on the quality of mask fit, with poor fit rendering such masks inadequate to protect the wearer. However, there have been limited efforts to discover the size of the gaps in the seal required to compromise mask performance, with prior studies estimating this size based on in vitro models. In this study, we measure the size of gap necessary to compromise the OSHA protection requirements of N95 masks. The data were generated via quantitative fit testing on two individuals. Quantitative fit testing was performed with a TSI Portacount Pro Respirator Fit Tester model 8038+, capable of assessing masks with less than 99% filtration efficiency. The device measures particles with a minimum size of 0.02 micrometers at a sampling flow rate of 350 cm^3/min.


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