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A Novel Direct-Injection Universal Power Flow and Quality Control Circuit

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Kacetl, J 
Suresh, E 
Long, T 


This paper presents a novel direct-injection modular universal power flow and quality control topology exclusively using lower power components. In addition to conventional high-voltage applications, it is particularly attractive for the distribution and secondary grids, e.g., in soft open points, down to low voltage as it can exploit the latest developments in low-voltage high-current semiconductors. In contrast to other concepts that do not interface the grid through transformers, it does not need to convert the entire line power but only the injected or extracted power difference. The proposed power flow and quality (f/q) controller comprises a shunt active front end, together with high-frequency links serving as a power supply for a series floating module per phase. Each of the floating modules is in series with one phase of the line, floating with the electric potential of that particular phase, avoiding any ground connection. Omitting bulky and dynamically limited line transformers of conventional universal power flow controllers, the presented direct-injection f/q controller enables exceptionally small size and volume, high power density, high frequency content, and fast response. In contrast to direct-injection concepts with full back-to-back converters, it only needs to handle a fraction of the power. The circuit combines grid-voltage low-current electronics in the shunt unit and low-voltage high-current modules in the floating series injection units. Simulations and experiments demonstrate and validate the concept.



40 Engineering, 4008 Electrical Engineering, 4009 Electronics, Sensors and Digital Hardware, 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

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IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)