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DESIGNING END USE COMPONENTS FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING Exploring experiences, knowledge and information requirements

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Pradel, Patrick 
Zhu, Zicheng 
Bibb, Richard 


The primary aim of this study was to develop an understanding of the experience, the current knowledge regarding the design of end-user components for series production in additive manufacturing (AM) and the information needs of designers involved in designing end-user components for AM. To achieve this, the survey intended to uncover the following aspects of the topic:

  1. If and how frequently AM technologies are used by designers for series production of end-user components
  2. To what extend designers have had experience of designing end-user components for AM
  3. Which aspects are important when designing end-user components for additive
  4. Why designers have or not have designed end-user components for series production in AM
  5. How designers have learned how to design for AM and which resources they have used
  6. What designers would like to know about Design for AM
  7. How they prefer this information to be conveyed



Design for Additive Manufacture

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University of Cambridge, Institute for Manufacturing

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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/N005953/1)