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Covid-19: predictive mathematical formulae for the number of deaths during lockdown and possible scenarios for the post-lockdown period.

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In a recent article, we introduced two novel mathematical expressions and a deep learning algorithm for characterizing the dynamics of the number of reported infected cases with SARS-CoV-2. Here, we show that such formulae can also be used for determining the time evolution of the associated number of deaths: for the epidemics in Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK, the parameters defining these formulae were computed using data up to 1 May 2020, a period of lockdown for these countries; then, the predictions of the formulae were compared with the data for the following 122 days, namely until 1 September. These comparisons, in addition to demonstrating the remarkable predictive capacity of our simple formulae, also show that for a rather long time the easing of the lockdown measures did not affect the number of deaths. The importance of these results regarding predictions of the number of Covid-19 deaths during the post-lockdown period is discussed.



Covid-19, Riccati equation, integrable systems, inverse problems, mathematical modelling of epidemics

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Proc Math Phys Eng Sci

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The Royal Society