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Sanan Matvenov, About Matsg Odr and Mantras

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Lama Sanan says there are three fasting days (matsg odr) that fall on the 8th, 15th and 30th days of each month, according to the lunar calendar. In the tantra of Kalachakra it is written that on these special days the ‘power of time’ comes about. People should bow on these days. The Central Temple in Elista performs special rituals on these days as well. In Kalmykia, there are ‘old women who fast’ (matsgta emgchud) who pray and bow on fasting days. If people cannot perform these rituals, they should try to avoid consuming alcohol, meat, and other animal products. By doing so, people can accumulate merit (buyn). Sanan points out that lamas have more merit accrued than the laity, since they follow certain monastic rules and read mantras. Sanan says that bowing to deities at home is good. But doing so in temples is more meritorious, since they are sacred places that emanate power. Even walking in the direction of a temple can increase one’s merit. With regard to candles, in Buddhist philosophy these objects represent the destruction of darkness and the spread of the teachings of Buddha. The motivation with which people light candles is very important. When a candle burns away, it is important to clean the candle cup. It is forbidden to extinguish a candle. A candle has to burn away by itself. The names of mantras that people should read are as follows: the mantra of the Buddha Shakyamuni (Om muni muni makha munie suukha); the mantra of the Buddha of Wisdom, that of Dukar or of the Tara with a White Umbrella. The reading of mantras is accompanied by hand claps, which symbolizes the destruction of obstacles. To prolong one’s life and improve health, people should read the mantra of the Buddha Amitayus. The mantra of Vadjrasatva is good for cleansing negative karma, bad deeds and mistakes. It should be read in the evening after all other prayers. If someone needs protection and help, the mantra of Okn Tengr is the answer. During Tsagan Sar the Kalmyks read this particular mantra throughout night. The mantra of Sosor Dongma is good for pregnant women. This mantra has two versions – a long and a short one. The mantra of Green Tara is good for relaxation. It should be read when someone has a nightmare. Sanan advises that the more people read mantra, the better it is for them.



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