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Sanal Lidzhiev, worship of the land

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Sanal talks how they perform the ritual of gazr tyaklgn (worship of land): There is a place where in the past stood a temple that belonged to our clan. That temple housed various relics. In that place we perform the ritual of gazr tyaklgn. We light a fire, smoke incenses and make tea. All participants bring biscuits, sweets, butter, meat and a bottle of vodka with them. We also bring two or three monks with us who read prayers. We toss fat into the fire and sprinkle vodka on top of it. Every participant should drip vodka into their palms and take a sip. Afterwards, we drink tea. The monks read prayers for two hours or so. This is followed by our elders uttering well wishes. This ritual is performed at the beginning of the spring so that grass grows well and our livestock has what to eat. We ask for this from Okn Tengri and Tsagan Aav in our prayers.



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