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Analytical modelling of multi-mass flexible rocking structures

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Acikgoz, S 
DeJong, MJ 


jats:titleSummary</jats:title>jats:pThis paper presents a new analytical model for describing the large rocking response of an elastic multi‐mass structure resting on ideally rigid ground. Using the experimental results from a rocking steel column, the ability of the proposed analytical model to estimate the rocking and translational acceleration response under free vibration, pulse and earthquake excitations is evaluated. It is observed that the classical treatment of impact may result in an unrealistically large transfer of energy to vibrations. Therefore a new Dirac‐delta type impact model that spreads the effects of impact over time and space is proposed. The use of a Dirac‐delta model and accurate restitution factors play a pivotal role in prediction of rocking and acceleration responses. In order to characterize the nonlinear response better, a modal analysis of the linearized system is proposed. With this approach, the vibration mode frequencies and shapes during rocking action were determined. A comparison of analytical and experimental modal estimations suggests good agreement. The results emphasize that the vibration characteristics of several vibration modes are affected by rocking action, and these modes may be excited at impact. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.</jats:p>



rocking, uplift, impact, modal analysis

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Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics

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