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Trinity Master's Lodge: The Basement Excavations

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Alexander, Mary 


Excavations by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit were undertaken in mitigation of deepening the basements of the Master's Lodge and ancillary drainage works at Trinity College, Cambridge. Two main phases of activity were revealed. The earliest phase dated to the 12th/13th century and comprised features related to the laneway that ran dozen to the hythes on the riverside. These features included part of a path and some wheel ruts. Part of the conduit laid in 1325 was excavated, including a length of pipe that had been repaired in the 16th century . The conduit followed the alignment of the lane way. The later phase, including a clunch and stone wall foundation, was interpreted as part of Trinity Master's Lodge and ancillary buildings constructed in the mid 16th century. Sections of a wall belonging to this phase were found encased in the fabric of the standing basement wall .



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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