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n-type chalcogenides by ion implantation.

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Hughes, Mark A 
Fedorenko, Yanina 
Gholipour, Behrad 
Yao, Jin 
Lee, Tae-Hoon 


Carrier-type reversal to enable the formation of semiconductor p-n junctions is a prerequisite for many electronic applications. Chalcogenide glasses are p-type semiconductors and their applications have been limited by the extraordinary difficulty in obtaining n-type conductivity. The ability to form chalcogenide glass p-n junctions could improve the performance of phase-change memory and thermoelectric devices and allow the direct electronic control of nonlinear optical devices. Previously, carrier-type reversal has been restricted to the GeCh (Ch=S, Se, Te) family of glasses, with very high Bi or Pb 'doping' concentrations (~5-11 at.%), incorporated during high-temperature glass melting. Here we report the first n-type doping of chalcogenide glasses by ion implantation of Bi into GeTe and GaLaSO amorphous films, demonstrating rectification and photocurrent in a Bi-implanted GaLaSO device. The electrical doping effect of Bi is observed at a 100 times lower concentration than for Bi melt-doped GeCh glasses.



0912 Materials Engineering

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Nat Commun

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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/I018050/1)
This work was supported by the UK EPSRC grants EP/I018417/1, EP/I019065/1 and EP/I018050/1.