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Cardiovascular imaging research priorities.

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MacArthur, Jacqueline Ann Langdon 
Yong, Guo Liang 
Dweck, Marc R 
Fairbairn, Timothy A 
Weir-McCall, Jonathan 


OBJECTIVES: Two interlinked surveys were organised by the British Heart Foundation Data Science Centre, which aimed to establish national priorities for cardiovascular imaging research. METHODS: First a single time point public survey explored their views of cardiovascular imaging research. Subsequently, a three-phase modified Delphi prioritisation exercise was performed by researchers and healthcare professionals. Research questions were submitted by a diverse range of stakeholders to the question 'What are the most important research questions that cardiovascular imaging should be used to address?'. Of these, 100 research questions were prioritised based on their positive impact for patients. The 32 highest rated questions were further prioritised based on three domains: positive impact for patients, potential to reduce inequalities in healthcare and ability to be implemented into UK healthcare practice in a timely manner. RESULTS: The public survey was completed by 354 individuals, with the highest rated areas relating to improving treatment, quality of life and diagnosis. In the second survey, 506 research questions were submitted by diverse stakeholders. Prioritisation was performed by 90 researchers or healthcare professionals in the first round and 64 in the second round. The highest rated questions were 'How do we ensure patients have equal access to cardiovascular imaging when it is needed?' and 'How can we use cardiovascular imaging to avoid invasive procedures'. There was general agreement between healthcare professionals and researchers regarding priorities for the positive impact for patients and least agreement for their ability to be implemented into UK healthcare practice in a timely manner. There was broad overlap between the prioritised research questions and the results of the public survey. CONCLUSIONS: We have identified priorities for cardiovascular imaging research, incorporating the views of diverse stakeholders. These priorities will be useful for researchers, funders and other organisations planning future research.



diagnostic imaging, health services, research design, Humans, Quality of Life, Research, Exercise, Health Personnel, Heart

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Open Heart

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NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR203312)
British Heart Foundation (SP/19/3/34678)
National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) (NIHR203312)