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Investigation of the Archaeological Landscape of MSA A1/A507, Radwell, Hertfordshire. Phase 2.

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McFayden, Lesley 


In the second phase of evaluation, evidence for Later Bronze Age settlement and boundary works was recovered in a zone from the south-west to the north-east of the development site. These features, as settlement evidence, were of a very ephemeral nature and were often dispersed over large distances. However, cooking pits, pits and post-holes were recovered from the evaluation trenches. The archaeological remains appeared to be restricted to an area by boundary works. This boundary took the form of a fluid ditch line that had perhaps cut around focal points within the landscape. The curvilinear ditch seemed to represent a different kind of boundary to the pit alignment from the first phase excavations, in that it seemed to have been constructed as an act of enclosure. This act of construction may have been the closing point in the redefinition of a settled landscape that had been by nature more open and less densely occupied during the Later Bronze Age.



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