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Marāsem sineh zani

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Wright, Susan 


Materials collected during field research for a D.Phil (Oxford University) in Iran in 1974 and 1975/6, and during short return visits in 1992, 1995, 1996. Audio recordings include: folk stories, music and songs, rituals, people’s own historical recollections.


In the month of Moharram, when Imām Hossein and his family were killed in Karbalā, from 1st to 8th in the evening around 7pm, men proceed in one group around the village, chanting and beating their chests. One man leads the chant and the others answer. They are led by a boy holding a flag (parcham-e ‘āshurā). On 9th-10th everything in Iran is closed and they spend the whole day from morning to night in procession chanting and beating their chests. The women watch and cry.


Oral Literature, Oral Tradition, Linguistic Anthropology, Iran, Lur, Folk stories, Music, Rituals, Tribal life, Song

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