Excited and exotic bottomonium spectroscopy from lattice QCD

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Ryan, Sinéad M. 
Wilson, David J. 

Abstract: We explore the spectrum of excited and exotic bottomonia using lattice QCD. Highly excited states are identified with masses up to 11,000 MeV, many of which can be grouped into supermultiplets matching those of the quark model while exotic spin-parity-charge-conjugation quantum numbers JPC = 0+−, 1−+, 2+− that cannot be formed from q¯q alone are also identified. Single-meson operator constructions are used that have good JPC in the continuum, these are found to overlap well onto heavy quark states up to J ≤ 4. A continuum JPC is assigned to each level, based on the distribution amongst lattice irreps and dominant operator overlaps. States with a dominant gluonic component are identified and form a hybrid supermultiplet with JPC = (0, 1, 2)−+, 1−−, approximately 1500 MeV above the ground-state ηb, similar to previous computations with light, strange and charm quark systems.

Regular Article - Theoretical Physics, Lattice QCD, Lattice Quantum Field Theory
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Journal of High Energy Physics
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg