Guanacoe Island, Port Desire

Change log

A beach at low tide, with some landscape and vegetation behind it.


circled "R" top left

Watercolour. The sky is blank. The foreground shows the water's edge and the beach at low tide, coloured purple from the left to the centre, with water from a recently broken wave across part of it, and sandy brown from the centre to the right. The beach narrows towards the centre midground, with a thin dark brown line of what is probably seaweed and driftwood fragments marking the high tide line. In the right midground behind the beach, midbrown paint indicates bushes and/or small trees in the middle distance, to the right of which a more substantial leafy tree is growing, coloured yellowish-green. The sloping ground in front of this vegetation is painted in a mix of greens, blues and browns suggesting a patchy covering of grass. Behind the brown bushes we can see an abrupt rocky flat-topped outcrop, brownish purple at its left-hand end fading to pale at its right-hand end next to the yellowish-green tree. Other outcrops in the left centre of the midground link to the left midground by way of a low rocky headland, which is coloured purple with a hint of yellowish-green near the shoreline. The background is occupied by level elevated pale purple land representing a shoreline further away, with the hint of a chalky or other whitish cliff-face in the left of the picture; this horizon line disappears behind the rocky outcrops.

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