Lyubov' Kekeeva, The History of the Zyungar Regiment of Yashkul'

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Okonov, Andzhur 
Boskhomdzhiev, Mergen 

I heard this story from my auntie Anna Dordzhievna. In the past our ancestors asked the Russian empress Ekaterina to resettle them, which she did by sending them to the southwestern borders (today Dagestan) in the hope of influencing the outcome of the Russo-Ottoman war. On the territory of today’s Ul’duchin village an army was assembled consisting of Zyungars. Afterwards the regiment stayed there to keep on defending the borders. The central regiments of the army stayed where Yashkul’ village is situated today. According to one story, in the past people raised flags when their wives had sons to announce that a future warrior had been born.

history, Yashkul, Russo-Ottoman war
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