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Reforming primary palliative care: a call to arms.

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General practitioners (GPs) and other professionals in primary care provide the majority of palliative and end of life care (PEoLC) in the community. Policy and quality improvement guidance for such healthcare professionals must reflect an understanding of the context. Considerable work has been done internationally to advocate for integrated primary palliative care. For example, outputs from the World Health Organisation following the Global Conference on Primary Health Care specifically highlight palliative care as a key aspect of primary care. (1)

The voices of primary care professionals are vital to the future development of healthcare to meet the increasing PEoLC needs of the population. As members of the Society for Academic Primary Care Palliative Care Special Interest Group (SAPC PC SIG), we intend to get them heard. This editorial highlights the essential role of general practice in palliative care provision, and the benefits to patients, clinicians and policymakers in embracing and nurturing this aspect of care.



Humans, Palliative Care, Health Services Accessibility

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Br J Gen Pract

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Royal College of General Practitioners
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