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Bulag, Uradyn E. 

Shürne has been making Torghut costumes for 27 years. She says that she opened her tailor’s shop 27 years ago after she had learned sewing from Surmai who was teaching dressmaking in Hohhot. Surmai once guided her in sewing a traditional Torghut costume after a woman’s dress that was kept in the Hohhot museum. Then, using her grandmother's wedding costume, she successfully sewed a Torghut dress for her younger sister. Since then, she has been making traditional Torghut costumes and has participated in various competitions with her Torghut costumes.Shürne now has two stores, one for producing costumes and the other for selling them, employing about 11 workers. She hopes to register her own “Torghut Costume” brand in the future. She says that she has been to Xinjiang a couple of times to examine the Torghut clothes there and has found much similarity. “I feel we are like a family”. She says that they are making traditional clothes for cultural preservation, but they also create new designs to meet the market demand, so as to make their business more sustainable.

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