MAGNUM survey: Compact jets causing large turmoil in galaxies: Enhanced line widths perpendicular to radio jets as tracers of jet-ISM interaction

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Venturi, G 
Cresci, G 
Marconi, A 
Mingozzi, M 
Nardini, E 

Outflows accelerated by the radiation pressure of AGN or by their kinetically powerful (≳1044−45 erg/s) jets are commonly observed along AGN ionisation cones and jets. Recent works found that also low kinetic power jets (≲1044 erg/s) are able to accelerate such outflows. We study the relation between radio jets and ionised gas distribution and kinematics in IC5063, NGC 5643, NGC 1068 and NGC 1386, as part of our MAGNUM survey of nearby Seyfert galaxies. These objects all host a small-scale ($\lesssim1kpc)lowpower(\lesssim10^{44}$ erg/s) radio jet, at small inclinations ($\lesssim$45{\deg}) on the galaxy disc. We employ optical/near-IR integral field spectroscopic observations from MUSE at VLT to obtain emission-line flux, kinematic and excitation maps of the ionised gas, that we compare with archival radio images and Chandra X-ray data. We detect a strong (up to ≳800−1000 km/s), extended ($\gtrsim$1 kpc) and shock-excited emission-line velocity width enhancement perpendicularly to the AGN ionisation cones and jets in all the four targets. Such broad, symmetric line profiles are not associated with a single coherent net velocity of the gas, differently from the "classical" asymmetric-line, high-velocity outflow observed along the ionisation cones and jets. Recent works found similar line velocity width enhancements perpendicularly to the ionisation cones in other AGN, all hosting a low-power jet aligned with the cones and showing evidence of interaction with the galaxy disc material. We interpret the observed phenomenon as due to the action of the jets perturbing the gas in the galaxy disc. In fact, such extended line width enhancement perpendicular to AGN cones and jet is observed only in galaxies hosting a low-power jet whose inclination is low enough on the galaxy disc to strongly impact on its material, as also recent simulations predict.

galaxies: Seyfert, galaxies: jets, galaxies: active, galaxies: ISM, techniques: imaging spectroscopy
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Astronomy and Astrophysics
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