An Archaeological Evaluation at the Tower Works, Fengate, Peterborough

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This report presents the results of fieldwork carried out as part of an archaeological evaluation of the Tower Works Site, Fengate on behalf of Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Co Ltd and John Samuels Archaeological Consultants, in conformity with the Brief set by the County Archaeology Office (CAO 30.10.96; §2.8). Prior to this, a desktop assessment was prepared outlining the potential for archaeological remains. This highlighted two phases and zones of work: 1) the salvage work by Wyman Abbot in the earlier part of this century on gravel quarries through which he recovered a great quantity of material, chiefly of prehistoric and Roman date. 2) the larger prehistoric landscape as revealed by excavations undertaken as part of the Fengate Project since the 1970s. The site lies within the first zone which is not only defined by the salvage work of Abbott but also the 5m contour line, effectively marking of the higher ground archaeology of Tower Works and Abbott's sites from the fen edge archaeology of the Fengate Project and other recent work. The 7.6 hectare site is proposed for redevelopment by the Commission for the New Towns (CNT) in conjunction with the National Freight Company (NFC) for non-food retail warehousing and services and lies in the southern part of the Eastern Industrial Area (TL 206 987); at the time of fieldwork, the southern (NFC) part was still occupied.

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