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Ultrahigh drive current and large selectivity in GeS selector

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Li, Huanglong 
Longeaud, Christophe  ORCID logo
Zhang, Bin 


Abstract: Selector devices are indispensable components of large-scale nonvolatile memory and neuromorphic array systems. Besides the conventional silicon transistor, two-terminal ovonic threshold switching device with much higher scalability is currently the most industrially favored selector technology. However, current ovonic threshold switching devices rely heavily on intricate control of material stoichiometry and generally suffer from toxic and complex dopants. Here, we report on a selector with a large drive current density of 34 MA cm−2 and a ~106 high nonlinearity, realized in an environment-friendly and earth-abundant sulfide binary semiconductor, GeS. Both experiments and first-principles calculations reveal Ge pyramid-dominated network and high density of near-valence band trap states in amorphous GeS. The high-drive current capacity is associated with the strong Ge-S covalency and the high nonlinearity could arise from the synergy of the mid-gap traps assisted electronic transition and local Ge-Ge chain growth as well as locally enhanced bond alignment under high electric field.


Funder: National Key Research and Development Program of China (2017YFB0206101); Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDB44010200); Hundred Talents Program (Chinese Academy of Sciences); Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program (18PJ1411100)


Article, /639/301/1005/1007, /639/925/927, /119/118, /147/137, /147/143, /140/133, /140/146, /145, article

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Nature Communications

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National Natural Science Foundation of China (National Science Foundation of China) (61704096, 61974082)