Managing Privacy, Rights, and Security in a Digital Economy

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Angelopoulos, Spyros 
mcauley, derek 
Merali, Y 
price, dominic 

We focus on the issues of managing Big Data within a Digital Economy, and address the asymmetrical distribution of power between the originators of data and the organizations that make use of that data. We propose a framework to overcome many of the challenges associated with storage, analysis, and integrity by taking a systemic perspective, shifting from a user-provider relationship to a more symbiotic one in which control over access to user data resides with the user. We present our framework, which combines the principles of Separation of Concerns and Distributed Computing, and discuss its implications as well as its limitations.

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Academy of Management SPECIALIZED CONFERENCE Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy
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EPSRC (via University of Warwick) (RESWM34910001 CONTRIVE)
EPSRC (via Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)) (ECSA1W3R)