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Developing highly reversible Li-CO2 batteries: from on-chip exploration to practical application

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jats:pA versatile on-chip electrochemical testing platform enables simultaneous catalyst screening and jats:italicin situ</jats:italic> analysis of chemical composition and morphological evolution of reaction products in Li–COjats:sub2</jats:sub> batteries, further guiding practical applications.</jats:p>


Acknowledgements: Y. Zhao acknowledges support from the EPSRC New Investigator Award (EP/V002260/1) “Scalable fabrication of on-chip Li–CO2 batteries for the efficient electrocatalyst screening and energy storage mechanism study” and funding from the UK Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) through the UK's National Measurement System programmes. Y. Zhao and K. Yang acknowledge support from the Faraday Institute—Battery Study and Seed Research Project “Rational design and manufacture of stacked Li–CO2 pouch cells”. M. Wang acknowledges support from the University of Surrey Vice-Chancellor's Studentship. M. Masteghin acknowledges the EPSRC project (EP/V036327/1).


40 Engineering, 4016 Materials Engineering, 34 Chemical Sciences, 3406 Physical Chemistry, 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

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Energy and Environmental Science

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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/V002260/1, EP/V036327/1)
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, UK Government (Unassigned)