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Roman Lyariev, Rabbit and Fox Hunting

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Gedeeva, Darina 
Ubushieva, Bamba 
Babaev, Andrei 


A rabbit’s trail is called malik. Rabbits try to mix their trails up in order to confuse and keep predators away from their burrows. Rabbits are nocturnal animals. It is easy to detect a rabbit with binoculars even if it is as far away as 300 meters. Rabbits have light grey or brown skin which stand out in the snow. Therefore, it is relative easy to hunt them. Foxes are predators that hunt rabbits. Usually they go for young ones. In contrast with rabbits, foxes are more difficult to hunt. Fox hunting is also more interesting. Even when wounded, foxes try to get to their burrows in order to hide. It is best to go fox and rabbit hunting when it is snowing and the temperature is – 10C. If a fox or a rabbit crosses your road, it is a sign that one’s hunting is going to be successful.



hunting, rabbit, fox, skin, predators

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