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Raisa says that before Zul the Kalmyks tidy up their homes, wash clothes and make biscuits. On the day of Zul people wake up early in the morning, make tea, make offerings to gods and read prayers. One should read prayers for three days. Raisa prays to all Buddhist gods as well as to the spiritual masters of lakes, rivers and land. Her personal deity protector is Avalokiteshvara (Aryabal), whom she also prays. birthday candles are made from dough and then melted butter is poured on top. The candles are lit after stars appear in the sky. What remains from the candles should not be thrown away but put outside for birds and animals to eat. During this holiday people pay visits to each other and congratulate each other on Zul. On this day, it is forbidden to eat poultry, eggs, fish or pork. Raisa says she eats lamb or beef only. Food varieties consumed during Zul are tea, bulmg, lamb, fruits and biscuits. It is believed that 7 days after Zul, the Master of the Year migrates.



Zul, Buddhist gods, dough, well-wish, birthday, candles

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