Gauge Mediation in the NMSSM with a Light Singlet: Sparticles within the Reach of LHC Run II

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Badziak, Marcin 
Hugonie, Cyril 
Ziegler, Robert 

Relatively light stops in gauge mediation models are usually made compatible with the Higgs mass of 125 GeV by introducing direct Higgs-messenger couplings. We show that such couplings are not necessary in a simple and predictive model that combines minimal gauge mediation and the next-to-minimal supersymmetric standard model (NMSSM). We show that one can obtain a 125 GeV Standard Model-like Higgs boson with stops as light as 1.1 TeV, thanks to the mixing of the Higgs with a singlet state at O(90−100) GeV that can explain the LEP excess. In this scenario the singlet-higgs-higgs superfields coupling λ is small and tanβ large. Sparticle searches at the LHC may come with additional bjets or taus and may involve displaced vertices. The sparticle production cross-section at the 13 TeV LHC can be O(10−100) fb, leading to great prospects for discovery in the early phase of LHC Run II.

hep-ph, hep-ph
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PoS PLANCK2015 (2015) 012
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