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Research data supporting "Effect of prior processing on the decomposition of the β phase in Ti-Nb alloys during intermediate heat treatments"

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Jones, Nicholas 


Data corresponding to figures in the associated paper. Data is provided for the two processing conditions, prior to and after isothermal ageing. Data includes synchrotron X-ray diffraction data (.xy) of the two conditions prior to and after ageing with identifiable peaks labelled, ECCI micrographs (.tiff files) taken prior to and after ageing to assess the heterogeneous microstructure with labels identifying key regions and higher magnification micrographs presented where necessary, and EBSD data (.ctf file) of the initial solutioned condition to assess texture. Please refer to the associated manuscript for further details regarding data processing.


Software / Usage instructions

Channel 5 Software was used to process the EBSD data contained in the attached '.ctf' file. This is a proprietary software that is required to read in the data, however, any Channel 5 software for example Mambo or Tango can be used. .xy files can be opened in any text editor or imported into programs such as Microsoft Excel. .tif files can be opened in any image viewing software. The .zip file contains all 1D SXRD patterns in .xy format for the data contained within the supplementary information of the manuscript.


Alpha formation, Metastable beta-Ti, Omega Transformation, Role of stress, Ti-Nb


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (2277942)
CEPT would like to acknowledge the support from the EPSRC and Rolls-Royce plc. (EP/R513180/1). Beam time was provided by Diamond Light Source under MG31965.