Prioritisation by ‘dot-voting’ in roadmapping workshops

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McKenzie, Georgina 
Gill, Andrew 
Phaal, Rob 

The objective of this observation is to contribute a psychological insight into the ‘dot-voting’ process for prioritising opportunities and other topics of interest identified in the Cambridge ‘S-Plan’ strategic roadmapping process1 during roadmap landscape population. The aim was to assess the extent to which psychological and procedural factors influence individual voting behaviour in what is an efficient but potentially biased / gamed process. This has been observed through marking and tracking a small selection of voting dots, time-lapse photograph’s of the landscape as votes are placed and a specific feedback questionnaire presented at the end of the workshop. Data has been kept confidential and treated as group data and no company or individual names have been used. After three pilot observations the study continued with a total of three roadmapping workshops, all with the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) industrial and academic organisations over a six-month period.

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