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Monte Video [from a distance]

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A town in its landscape; buildings and human figures.


[top right] for Mrs Stewart (Mrs)

Drawing. This scene is taken from the other side of the headland depicted in 9r, and thus the land runs towards the sea from left to right. The left foreground is occupied by rough terrain, rising very unevenly on the left up to the midground and into the midground centre, with the roof of a low building appearing behind it in the left centre. There are two human figures at the rightmost point of the raised uneven ground in the centre midground, one on horseback with a riding stick in his right hand, facing away from the viewer, the other standing to their right. The rest of the foreground consists of more even ground, possibly mudflats or sand, with some small flat rocks possibly indicated in the centre. The horizon in the left midground--background is rural, becoming more urban with indications of the tops of buildings leading into the left centre. Here the dome and towers of Montevideo Cathedral project prominently above the surrounding buildings. This area is drawn in greater detail than the structures to its left, with indications of windows. Less tall buildings, also drawn in sufficient detail to show window openings, top the headland as it slopes down towards sealevel from the centre to the right, where the masts of ships presumed at anchor are faintly visible. In the right midground, a figure on horseback rides away from the viewer; to the right of this rider, two figures on horseback canter to the left towards the town, one of whom points a stick in front of him. The midground--background contains the indication of a pathway leading up from the even ground towards a building with a low square tower and possible flagpole; what may be a group of five figures is shown at the start of this pathway. The sky is blank, and the sun is shining from the right nearly perpendicular to the viewer's line of sight.


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