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Archaeological Investigations at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

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Evans, Christopher 


Recording brief observations were undertaken during the lowering of the access ramp/stairway ay Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Cambridge (TL 4555 5907) in March-April 1994. Laying on the southern side of Castle Street mid-way up upper town hillside, the site lies approximately 200m northwest of the river crossing along the eastern margin of the Roman Cambridge. The Churchyard of St Peter’s, of probable 12th century foundation, borders on the gallery. From informal observations during the re-building of its boundary wall in September 1991, the possible recovery of a few skeletons was anticipated. Therefore, although the location of the site was considered important, the archaeological impact of these works was thought to be minimal. During the course of the investigations not only was the density of inhumations found to be far greater than anticipated (c.25), but also the depth of construction related disturbance (0.9m). Major archaeological remains, including a robust masonry feature were exposed. To main horizons of Roman activity/occupation were identified I – the processing complex, II the rammed floor building. Phase III represents medieval churchyard activity; no Saxon material was recovered during the course of these investigations.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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