Dordzhi Barkhaev, about Badma Bovaev

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Dordzhi talks about the monk Badma Bovaev:Badma Bovaev had the title of Lharamba Lama which he received during his studies in Tibet before the Revolution. He returned to Kalmykia after the establishment of the Soviet government here. The temple, of which he was the abbot, was situated in the village of Zapadny. Apart from carrying out priestly duties, he also published books and newspapers. Being a highly educated person, Badma Bovaev knew that soon all the temples would be closed by the Soviets. In his newspapers he criticized both the Soviet government and other monks. He also traveled to Leningrad. The abbots of other temples did not like Badma Bovaev’s activities and decided to get rid of him. He was pushed off a train in Leningrad. His body was brought to his temple for cremation. A monk from Ketchener was invited to set a fire on his body.

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